WebCluster is open-source software (coded in PHP) designed to help you create and manage your website with ease.

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SQLite Supported... [June 29, 2008]

WebCluster will also support the SQLite database; unlike MySQL, it's just a text-file but requires no configuration whatsoever!

Yes, PHP5... [June 22, 2008]

Some have asked me if WebCluster will support PHP4 and the quick answer is no; PHP4 is close to 8 years old, the PHP Group has discontinued support for it and PHP5's been out for 4 years now. If a webhost doesn't offer PHP5, then quite frankly that webhost is outdated.

Still working on the core... [June 20, 2008]

Nothing much to add, I'm still working on the core of the program; basically parsing the URL, loading the necessary modules. A lot of time is being invested trying to make the code as 'elegant' as possible.

Official Project Start [June 2, 2008]

The WebCluster project has officially been launched today. The idea behind WebCluster is to offer a content management system (CMS) that is actually easy to use (yet powerful) and flexible.

Initially, WebCluster will only support MySQL databases (used by the vast majority of websites), but as the project progresses, the list of supported databases is expected to change.

Stay tuned for more updates!